Lettre Ouverte A Notre Public

Dear reader,

Four years ago, Guillaume Chabrieres and Alexis Lhoyer, met during Alexis’ MBA year at INSEAD Singapore. With their entrepreneurial mind-sets, our two frenchies come up with the idea to set up their own companies right here in Singapore.

Guillaume is full of life, bursting at the seams with creative ideas, loves experimenting with new projects and editing videos. He launched his event agency, Chab Pte Ltd, after having spent 10 years organising events in Paris, London, Shanghai and Moscow. Guillaume and his equally energetic team at Chab Events handles the entire event production process, including video production for product launches, press conferences, family days, gala dinners, corporate trips and so much more.

Meanwhile Alexis, a part-time DJ and full-time lover of wine & travel launched his own company Wanderwine, a unique platform combining wine e-commerce and the organisation of wine related events. However, due to the recent change in market conditions and the company’s success in events, he decided to shift his focus to the latter.

One day the two friends came up with another idea …

Dear reader, we are very pleased to announce that Chab Events and Wanderwine are now sister companies! Guillaume and Alexis have joined forces to create an all new event entity.

Starting today, you will be able to join us on all our crazy adventures as we navigate through the world of wine and event organisation through our social media channels; Facebook (including Facebook Live), Instagram, LinkedIn and our blog – all thanks to our awesome digital marketing team.

You might be wondering who is hard at work behind their computers, churning out interesting articles and posting cool pictures on Instagram.

Well first, there is Parveena from Singapore, a self-professed wine lover who is especially keen on making amazing wine more approachable to everyone. She also enjoys writing articles and getting inspired by new ideas.

Then there is Lea, from France. She is incredibly passionate about photography and video content, and is always looking for new ways to create aesthetically pleasing visual experiences.

Sounds like the perfect pair does not it? By combining both our passions, we hope to create a truly immersive digital experience for all our followers.

Make sure to keep an eye on this page for more updates. We can not wait to embark on this new journey with all of you!

Yours Truly,

Chab Events / Wanderwine Team