An outstanding experience coupled with solid public relations & communication for product launches

We understand products and brands: we create outstanding experiences that not only stay true to the brand but also clearly communicate your desired messages. As a well-rounded Experiential Marketing and Public Relations agency, we deliver influential experiential events that amplify word-of-mouth advertising. With our passion for brands and people, we enjoy bringing these elements together to create a long-lasting relationship between companies and customers similarly.

We devise artistic content creation, influencers marketing, digital and and traditional public relations, agenda and logistics management whether it be for exclusive showcases, product launches, fashion shows or for social media purposes. Taking an inventive approach to brand experience, we always look for a distinctive idea that brings honesty to the brand yet still connects with the target audience even after the event.

Experiential marketing and PR to create a emotional connections between the brand and the customers

We believe that a solid idea with the capability to impact its audience creates a strong relationship between the brand and its customer. We help to create product launches, fashion shows and brand activations that bring the products to life, through the use of pop-up store activations, product launch events, commercial videos and social media videos, office storms and more we use our bold, imaginative and extraordinary methods to produce marketing campaigns that will not be forgotten.

We pride ourselves on building emotional connections to deliver captivating messages to not only our clients but your audience too. From lighting plans to audiovisual to projection and illustrations, we’ll help you create an immaculate experience. Tailored and personalised to the unique requirements of your production needs, we will make sure every element of your event is expertly managed.

Chab Events, experiential marketing organizer for product launch or product video

Every year we design many brand experiences across the industries, creating more meaningful experiences for companies. Authenticity is a rarity, but we embrace our authentic campaigns, immersive brand ideas and individual insights to showcase the best bits from products to clothing ranges to social media.

No one can ignore the importance of social media to their brand. At Chab Events, we have a dedicated team ready to work with you to make sure your event receives the social media attention that it deserves.

For all your PR and social media needs, count on us to create an environment that is bound to keep the hashtag trending. We are a innovation-driven company that help our clients control more innovative technologies. Using the new and innovative technologies we aim to get your event trending by introducing unique platforms for product launches, fashion shows, brand activations and more. Producing product videos to further indulge in your brand, our expertise lies in shaping, editing and creating absolute magic for your brand. Our methods are both effective and cohesive. From the point of creating the concept to reaching the end goal we use ideas like pop-up shows, office storms and events as the trigger for digital influence and noticeable business benefits.

Our Other Core activities

Event Management

Town Halls, Team Buildings, Kick-off meetings, Galas or Diner & Dance, Chab Events have you covered with the perfect mix of creativity and flawless, professional execution.

Digital Lab

We specialise in crafting digital experiences for the world, whether your audiences are your employees or the end consumers. Find tomorrow’s innovative and impactful solutions.

Video Production

Video content is the best way to brand yourself in the world of media and we are proud to help our clients keep one step ahead.

M.I.C.E. & Travel

Motivate your employees, partners and clients with unique experiences and engaging MICE programs in Asia and Europe.