Event Management

Corporate Events such as team building, family day, gala dinners and dinner & dances are picture-perfect opportunities to show growth, celebrate milestones or merely just have a gathering. These are crucial times for employees to bond and relax in a casual ‘out of office’ setting where they can revitalize and recuperate. Our event management company is in the business of creating bespoke events that go above and beyond the norm. A large element to these events are centered around team building and team bonding, helping to build long-lasting relationships. Our key aim is to aid in building these relationships not just for the evening, but for the foreseeable future. Our team is constantly hard at work to bring you fresh and innovative ideas that can enhance the team building aspect. For family days, seminars and conferences we thrive on organising the internal services, team building activities and going that extra mile by incorporating both team bonding activities and after parties.

Sometimes clients have the ideal picture as to what they want their event to look like and how they would like it to be executed, but a majority of the time knowing what they want to achieve doesn’t always help to turn the picture into reality.

Chab Events realizes your corporate dreamed event

At Chab Events, we believe it is our job to invent and manufacture a complete experience that will take the company to their end product. We take our clients’ requirements and always aim to make the reality better than anticipated. As an expert corporate events management service such as team building events in Singapore, our goal is to enhance brand and consumer closeness as well as build the relationship between the customer and the event.

What about team building in Singapore?

We can plan fun and successful corporate team building event to not only bring your staff together but also build team spirit and enthusiasm. Team building events are the ideal way to improve the solidarity of a company. Your teamwork, interaction and ability to think on your feet will be sharpened as you confront challenges as a group. Whether you want to organise small-scale activities or large outdoor events we can arrange numerous team bonding activities in and around Singapore, even abroad!

Create your company Family Day with our experience!

When it comes to planning family days, it’s important that everyone can get involved, come together and enjoy themselves. We have much experience in organising these kinds of events therefore, when you work with an events company like us, you can be sure that you will get a strong balance of expertise that’s difficult to compete with.

Dinner & Dance dinner, conference and ceremonies

We are unique in our ability to organise dinner dances and gala dinners in which we can present attractive rates, and include surprise elements to make sure your night is unforgettable. Bring your company together for an awards night, dinner dance or conference and leave it in our hands. From locating the venue to planning the concept, we provide you with a brainstorm of ideas, making sure your criteria are considered right up until the point of execution. We are confident in being able to create unique and exciting proposals and agendas for your company events to stay at the top of their game. Our specialist team will liaise with you every step of the way and ensure that the best ideas and strategies are developed to make each event better than the last one.

Every event should be captured in a different light- literally.

Leave our event management team to take care of your audio-visual and lighting arrangements as we create bespoke events that cater to your individual needs. We provide an outstanding quality of organisational skills, creating extraordinary events that will keep your trust in us intact. Our ability to both manage and deliver incomparable corporate events allows our sense of professionalism to shine through.

Keep memories of your fabulous event thanks to us

Chab Events is also a video producer. In a digitally fixed world, a brilliant video can get you noticed; and it will be a fabulous memory for your company and guests of your corporate event. Don’t hesitate more, and contact our event management team!


Our Other Core Activities

M.I.C.E. & Travel

Motivate your employees, partners and clients with unique experiences and engaging MICE programs in Asia and Europe.

Digital Lab

We specialise in crafting digital experiences for the world, whether your audiences are your employees or the end consumers. Find tomorrow’s innovative and impactful solutions.

Experiential Marketing & PR

People are at the centre of what we do, a spectacular event is only the beginning, the remarkable experience that enables consumers recognize and appreciate the brand message.

Video Production

Video content is the best way to brand yourself in the world of media and we are proud to help our clients keep one step ahead.