Creators of emotions for digital experiences

Client engagement

“Use this time to reinvent how you do what you do. Bring consumers new alternatives, new value, and in the process event reinvent your own brand.

Don’t let innovation stop, this could be the window of opportunities.”

At the Digital Lab, our mission is to find tomorrow’s innovative and impactful solutions. To connect brands to the people who matter most to them, using the perfect mix of emergent technologies, virtual events, and creativity.

AR Showrooms

We help brands jumpstart online by crafting awesome virtual showroom experiences to drive ROI.

Virtual Product Launches

Whether it’s a fashion show, a car reveal or a product launch, our team of dedicated creatives and experts will be there to assist you.

Hybrid Conferences

Engage larger pool of audience thanks to webcasting technologies. We help manage the event end-to-end, from platform design to registration, & content management.

Video Production

Create engaging and meaningful videos is a good way to keep external clients up to date, and informed on future products & trends.

Employee engagement

“Virtual interaction to engage employees for matters beyond work. An effort to keep employees feel connected, will keep spirits up and pay off in the long term as it builds staff cohesion.”

At Chab LAB, we specialise in crafting digital experiences for the world. We maximise your employees engagement with the company culture, using the right mix of digital live interactions, virtual and hybrid events, and gamification.

Mixed Reality Trainings

One-of-a-kind programs designed to provide the ultimate practical, and hands-on training for employees & partners/ resellers through VR/ AR roleplay and quizz content.

Virtual Events

Connect with your colleagues far and wide with easy access. Your remote attendees and speakers can join in from anywhere, digitally.

Digital Team Building

Through the activities, employees can hone their leadership skills, and reconnect with each other while being physically afar.


Use apps and augmented reality filters to create challenges. It helps employees connect with each other and the brand in a fun and natural way.


Our Other Core Activities

Event Management

Town Halls, Team Buildings, Kick-off meetings, Galas or Diner & Dance, Chab Events have you covered with the perfect mix of creativity and flawless, professional execution.

Digital Lab

We specialise in crafting digital experiences for the world, whether your audiences are your employees or the end consumers. Find tomorrow’s innovative and impactful solutions.

Experiential Marketing & PR

People are at the centre of what we do, a spectacular event is only the beginning, the remarkable experience that enables consumers recognize and appreciate the brand message.

M.I.C.E. & travel

Motivate your employees, partners and clients with unique experiences and engaging MICE programs in Asia and Europe.

Video production

Capturing the key moments that make your events special with our trained in-house specialists who deliver.

Capturing the moments of pure joy and success to look back on your event, or inspire through a motivational video during the event itself is what made a program unique and memorable. From corporate retreats that wish to share the moments with their staff to brands that aim to reach the masses, the importance of good video production with a creative storytelling is key. We boast a specialised team of professionals that are able to edit and produce videos based on your specifications and needs.

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