Welcome to our new Magazine!

Thanks to the Magazine, we are sharing here what’s exciting, new or surprising in the event industry, and spreading the love for fun, creative and magical events!


What we will share:

  • Our biggest events described for you
  • Links to our portfolios items to give you more ideas
  • Tips to realize your own events !


All types of event

Are you looking for corporate or public events ?

Do you want to organize a dancing party on the beach for your company, a team building day or VIP event as an experiential dinner for your VIP Clients ?

Discover our events related to all of these categories and further more in our magazine and portfolio! Product launches, graduation trip, company anniversary party, street marketing, end of year party, VIP experiential dinner, dinner and dance, … .


Chab Events is also a video producer! We can create your event video to keep a wonderful memory.


Tips to realize your own events

Thanks to our 5 years of experience and our 4 offices all over the world, we are able to help you not only by creating your dreamed event, but also by helping you with some tips! We will help you on several themes as “Best Dinner and Dance themes“, “How to attract a crowd at your exhibition stand“, “Best uses of drones in event management”, … .


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