5 More Ways To Attract A Crowd To Your Exhibition Booth

You might have noticed Chab Events‘ previous article on 5 ways to attract a crowd to your exhibition booth. Due to overwhelming demand for more tips on how to improve exhibition booth traffic, we’ve come up with a list of 5 more ways to help you out at your next trade show.


5 more ways to improve exhibition booth traffic

  • Workspaces

Trade shows can often be tiring. Walking around a huge arena, interacting with salespeople and taking part in conferences can take it’s toll on attendees. This is one aspect of exhibitions that you can take advantage of by turning your booth into a relaxing oasis of comfy armchairs complete with some refreshments, free Wi-Fi and plugs.

Fair stand Walter Knoll - Orgatec 2014 Interior design: Ippolito Fleitz Group Identity Architects

Ensure your branding is the most obvious part of your booth and exhausted exhibition attendees are bound to remember you fondly for providing them with some space to recharge and catch up with their emails.

One fine example would be the Orange Telecoms booth at Ad:Tech London that provided people with a peaceful workspace that was solely for their benefit and devoid of sales representatives. Improve on this model by collecting leads from those who sign up for your free Wi-Fi accounts.


  • Free samples

Giving out free samples is one of the most common exhibition tactics, and that’s because it works! In fact, meeting your customers face-to-face is a great opportunity to get them to familiarize themselves with your brand and products. For most people, free stuff is always a good reason to stop at a booth as well.

This is a key incentive to drive bigger crowds to your booth, that is also completely in line with your product. Offer people free memberships or free trials for a month in exchange for contact details to generate leads and publicize your promotion on social media to attract even more people.


  • Game On!

5 ways to attract trade show crowd Nickelodeon

You’ve definitely come across booths at exhibitions promoting lucky draws for attendees to take part in. These are actually brilliant ways of collecting information from your target audiences because they’re always required to fill in their details in order to enter these lucky draw competitions.

Combine this tactic with the second point and give away free samples of your product to winners. This way, you can generate leads and promote your product effectively! Not only that, games serve as great ice-breakers that can foster communication between your booth’s representatives and trade show attendees.


  • Differentiated Service

Trade Show Map

A surefire way to get noticed at trade shows is to make up in areas where most exhibitions are lacking. Very few exhibitions focus on customer service to improve attendees’ overall event experience. Leverage on this and provide useful information about the show floor and wifi services over your social media account or better yet, station representatives at the entrance to give out customised show floor maps with your booth highlighted in company colours and a schedule of your activities on the back. Attendees are sure to appreciate the help and remember you whenever they refer to your map for directions.


  • Power of Video

Last but not least, unleash the power of video to attract throngs of inquisitive onlookers to your exhibition booth. Videos have proven to be the most effective way of attracting attention both online and offline. At trade shows, make sure your videos are directly related to your product or service. Play existing advertisements, preview new advertisements, screen user guides for your products or even slideshows with photos of your product and company.


The other option would be to pull out all the stops and wow the entire trade show floor with super cool video mapping technology. The possibilities are endless with video mapping technology. For example, Navistar worked with Freeman to debut the new Loadstar truck at the 2012 Mid-America Trucking Show. To showcase its versatility, a skin wrapped Loadstar functioned as a screen for videos detailing the truck’s multiple functions.


If the topic of video mapping intrigues you, watch this space about virtual and augmented reality event for more ways to use it to enhance your event experiences.



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