The Digital Events Manager Job scope Interview with Kevin Perrin

Hi Kevin !

  • Could you define Digital Events in 2020?

Digital events connect people through a common online space without physical contact. However, just because we don’t have physical contact doesn’t mean we lack the emotional aspects. It is our responsibility as digital event planners to make each event more trendy and meaningful, especially at a time where physical day to day interactions such as meetings or conversations are being held virtually.  


  • Are there any exciting new features that have a significant impact when creating a digital event?

I definitely feel like the birth of Hybrid Events is one of the most exciting prospects. This feature allows us to conduct a virtual event whilst being able to make an audience feel as though they are physically present. Essentially, your audience will feel like they are at a physical event through the use of both visual aspects as well as the increased audience interaction that we ensure. 


  • Kevin, you were an Event manager, how did you become a DEM (Digital Event Manager)? 

Digital event managers are still what you would define as an event manager, it’s just this time we are armed with more technical skills. This new role comes with all the same responsibilities, but we have a stronger understanding of the technology behind the event as well as the nitty, gritty technicalities that are involved. 


  • How does this vary from traditional events?

In the same way that digital event managers don’t differ too much from your physical event manager, digital events don’t stray too far from traditional events. Digital events are as exigent as physical events in terms of attention to detail, organisation and rigor. The difference you’ll find is that we rely more on modern-day technology for each particular element, and must consistently incorporate ways to virtually coordinate emotional, impactful and successful events. I believe with the increased use of digital events, we must continue to heighten the level of creativity in order to sustain the emotional connection.


  • What can clients look forward to with digital events?

I think the COVID19 worldwide confinement forced the entire digital industry to accelerate even further in a shorter time-span. We are seeing new technology that is dedicated to high tech industries to become more accessible to the mass market. The list is too long but essentially it offers us the opportunity to extend new and innovative solutions that are tailor-made for our clientele. The rapid growth of these technologies means that clients can look forward to completely customised interactive solutions based on the requirements of their event. 


  • How does this enhance the event experience for guests? 

Whilst digital events can appear impersonal due to physical distancing, we are committed to creating experiences that keep everyone involved. We look at keeping the audience mesmerized by offering them experiences they wouldn’t have encountered before. Our goal is to maintain the emotional connection through digital pipes; examples of this include our door-to-door specialised gift delivery service which allows your clients to be surprised with a personal treat courtesy of your team. 


  •  “Digital Events cannot create emotional experiences for guests.” Do you agree with this statement and why? 

I totally disagree … First things first we should define what we believe an emotional experience actually is. For me, in order to create emotions you need to excite the senses of your audience. The increased interactivity of a digital event can enhance the engagement as well as make the event more emotionally resonant. Now, I’m not saying that digital technology can exactly fill the place of physical events, but it is a great new opportunity to spearhead interaction and strengthen relationships all round. We continue to focus on wowing you through the exciting blend of our concepts with these new technological approaches such as hybrid events, which we touched upon earlier. By tailoring our ideas at Chab Lab to what we know clients are naturally drawn in by, we can deliver successful digital experiences that still have an emotional impact! 

Honestly speaking, I can’t wait to be able to execute a hybrid dinner and dance by the end of 2020!


Kevin Perrin, Account Manager at Chab Events Singapore