Sustainability Efforts By Event Companies In Singapore

Sustainability in the events industry

There are several things that get event planners all up in arms and into heated conversations. One such issue is sustainability. In an industry that sees us customising decor and fixtures for each client, this can be difficult to achieve. Some may argue that it is unavoidable while others would stress that when there is a will, there is a way. 

It then begs the question of how do we employ these practices into our business?


For starters, we do our best to implement practices within the office. It is a team effort to ensure that we are mindful of our impact. Thanks to a committee that we call the “Eco Green Warriors” we find ways to change even the most overlooked actions into sustainable movements.

The most effective so far happens to be bringing our own lunch boxes when we head out to the food courts. We tend to bring our lunch back to the office for several reasons. But in the midst of doing so, we also end up accumulating the polystyrene packaging and plastic bags that come along with it. So far, we’ve managed to greatly reduce the amount of waste that is cleared each day with just one simple tweak. 


Cardboard to Backdrop

“What brought on this change in Chab Events?” you might ask. In 2019, we had the privilege of working with a client that greatly encouraged us to rethink our approach to buildups and structures. Using repurposed cardboards, the Chab Events team found new ways to craft backdrops and even durable furniture that me their eco-friendly requirements for their internal event. 

It forced us to think outside the box and away from renting the items that we needed. Sure, it would be easy to rely on our trusted suppliers to ensure that we have the items we need. But in executing a project such as this, we were challenged in a good way. 


Going Digital

In the day-to-day, we encourage clients to adopt paperless solutions such as digital registrations at their events. Digital Badges and QR codes do more than provide guests entry into the event or venues. It also allows us to limit the amount of paper that would have to be discarded at the end of an event. 

While there are teething problems in the process and reliance on Wi-Fi connections it is something that can be resolved in time to come. With 2020 in full swing, more companies are looking to craft more interactive and sustainable efforts in a bid to do their part for the environment. How effective this may be, is a topic for another day.