Enjoy European Cheese Tasting Media Event

Promoting the European cheese

This November, Chab Events organised a successful media event and activation to promote European cheese to local consumers. To promote European cheese, two different events have been created: the first one was the Tasting Media Event described here in order to make European Cheese known by media representatives and influencers to reach local medias and social medias.

The second one was the European Cheese Campaign, a 2-day street marketing event (street activation event) in different places in Singapore.  A pop-up Cheese Bar has promoted European Cheese in Singapore streets Sopexa to reach as many people as possible.


A tasting media event for media representatives and influencers

Fifty prominent media representatives and influencers were in attendance for the media event held at the picturesque Me@OUE to enjoy a variety of cheeses paired with wine. The line-up ranged from the more popular varieties like camembert to the less appreciated stilton cheese.



Blindfolded or nose clips tasting process

To add a fun twist to the regular tasting process, we encouraged guests to try the cheeses blindfolded or with nose clips to put their tasting skills to the test. Some were more enthusiastic and chose to go blindfolded and have their nose clipped while trying to guess the different cheeses on their plates.

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Cocktail and networking session

The event ended late in the afternoon with a buzzing cocktail and networking session where guests got to try cheese based canapés freshly made by the talented chefs at Me@OUE.



2017 SG SPECTRUM4T8A3332



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