Interview EBX & Chab


Singapore is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to economy in the new norm. Now, having aligned the teams at EBX and Chab Lab, we are able to provide the most advanced solution in one of the most advanced country settings. 

The Singapore government demonstrates a clear strategy when it comes to the stance they want to take in protecting their citizens, expats and providing a much-needed security amidst these uncertain times. As they have been gradually allowing certain areas to re-open with safety measures in place, it has allowed us to reinvent events in the new norm! 

What is so advanced about this alliance? 

[Chab Events – Guillaume] 

I believe the reason behind this alliance being so advanced lies in the elements we collectively bring to the table. 

We have the latest and greatest technology across our centrally located studios, as well as experienced in-house technicians. We are able to use the expertise of our staff to meet individual client needs and requirements. Chab Lab’s knowledge of the event world with EBX’s knowledge of the technological aspects means we can strategically operate together. I mean, we’ve even got two new studios coming soon to facilitate the growing demand of digital and hybrid events! 


What has changed from traditional live events and what will differ in the new normal? 


[Chab Events – Guillaume] 

Nowadays, events are digital first. Decision-makers must be able to plan an event digitally before thinking about the physical aspects. Yes, physical events may gradually come back but the digital angle is here to stay and it is our duty at Chab Lab to help our clients adapt to this new era! 


When you think of digital events, you think of platforms, interactive tools, video production and post-event data collection but here at Chab, we look at the human before the technology. We prioritise the message we want to convey before the use of our tools come into play. A very common mistake that you will see across the industry is people selling technology like LED walls, green screens and/or augmented reality without having a clear idea of the message that needs to be conveyed. Let’s face it, interactions and events will no longer be the same. 


David, you say the motto of your company is ‘rock star dreams’ and your position was driven by a dream. Tell us, what has been your observation since we entered the covid crisis? 


[EBX – David] 

My passion lies in music, and the instruments that make the music, I even have my own guitar shop here in Singapore! Honestly, we have gone from handling production concerts for over 2000 people to now hosting smaller capacities in a studio and streaming virtually. There’s no doubt that the preference will be physical interactions and we as humans are built for social interactions, but in times like these we have no choice and this is where the resilience of Singapore, as well as the resilience of the events industry, has really shone through! 


What we have built with Chab Lab has answered many challenges faced across B2B/B2C events and now, just by looking at my overflowing inbox it shows great results and motivates me to continue working harder. 


We will stay relevant and a key part of tomorrow’s interactions. After many years of meeting people, celebrities and government officials in the industry, a vast majority have reacted to our latest video and let us know that they believe we are on the right track. 


So, David and Guillaume, what’s next?

[Guillaume], [David]

The way we see it, Ted Talk revolutionised the world of conferences and now in the upcoming decade, we aim to revolutionise the world of hybrid events. 

We are at the crossroads in the events industry, where the live experience interacts with the virtual experience and together, Chab Lab and EBX would work with the latest entertainment technologies to create a seamless, immersive experience.