How To Overcome A Creative Mental Block

For the most part, clients come up to us with briefs that give us all the clues we need to create a winning pitch. However, there are instances when they come to us with vague ideas that need some fleshing out before they come to life. 

It is a creative process that requires us to interpret words and inspirations to craft the final product and at times we find ourselves hitting a creative roadblock. A hurdle that even the best of us have to face head-on, we have a few tricks that help us overcome such hurdles with ease.

Asking For Help

Never be afraid to cast the net far and wide when you are in need of ideas. You never know what someone might suggest, igniting the fire you need to create the ideal pitch that will secure your deal.

Leaning on your team means that you offer these ideas to others who may be stuck in a similar situation. It is an opportunity for a collective to collaborate and assist in the creative process. After all, no man is an island. 

Attaining Perfection

We can be our harshest critic in striving for perfection. Not everything we do can yield a 100% 

and that can often lead to second-guessing an idea that can work. When faced with instances like this, it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes that can draw our attention away from all the negative and to focus on the positive. It takes some getting used to but often benefits us and the work that we do. 

Stay Curious

A key ingredient that we find works for us, is to always stay curious. Be it through books, articles or even researching the latest gadgetry in the business, staying curious keeps the creativity alive. Inspiration can strike in a matter of minutes and when you are armed with the knowledge you need, great things can come to life.

Step Away

Staring at a screen, willing it to come to life — we’ve been there, done that. The trick, in this case, is to move away and get a fresh perspective. It’s all about striking the perfect balance!

Take Notes

Keep a notebook handy or even a pin for those moments when you see an image that inspires you. When you take notes, you can always refer back to them in moments of need and find your groove once again.