Four Tips To Manage Stress In The Workplace

In an industry that moves at a rapid pace, it can become challenging for even the most seasoned of professionals to maintain a clear head. As a team who have been through situations of stress and come out the other end knowing how to manage our emotions and mental health better, we have found a few methods that help. 

Where ever you are in the world, practising these four steps can make a world of a difference. They allow a mind, flooded with ideas, be able to break down the unnecessary noise and figure out the best course of action. 


Try and take a deep breath when you feel overwhelmed. The feeling of not having a grasp on the situation can skew your view of the next best steps to take. It may seem like a fairly simple and logical thing to do but when your mind is running at a million miles per minute, a deep breath is all you need to help calm yourself down. 


This may sound like a cliche but we cannot stress enough how important a positive mindset can change the way in which you tackle a challenge. A simple phrase can change the way you see the task ahead of you and when the going gets tough this will be a good chance to practice a little act of self-love and show yourself that not every hurdle is meant to be a setback. 


No man is an island. Remember this when you feel all alone and that the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders. A simple act of reaching out to the people on your team can make a world of a difference. They may be able to help figure out the best ways to deal with a situation or even assist to take a few items off your plate and lighten the workload. They may even be shoulders to lean on when the going gets tough and that simple gesture may be the thing you need. 


Once you’ve identified the areas that you can change to help yourself, act on it. Gather your thoughts and get back to the drawing board. Perhaps, this may have been the breather you needed to get back in the game and ace that presentation.

As an agency with staff who juggle multiple projects on any given day, we have found ourselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of things we need to accomplish in under 24 hours. It has been no easy feat but making time for self-care has been an important factor in our success and when we find our colleagues at wit’s end, we come together to figure out how we can make the situation better. Having reliable teammates helps the situation and allows us to find our bearings once again.