Bulgari Festa Bali

4-day showcase in Bali for the launch of FESTA

Our biggest event in Bali this year has been the launch of Bulgari’s new High Jewelry collection, FESTA. The Festa collection is meant to express the Maison’s unique attitude and sense of style and that is exactly what we worked hard to bring out during the 4-day showcase of the Italian luxury jewelry collection.
We invited top journalists and media representatives from Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and India to attend the event at none other than the Bulgari Resort Bali. Some of Bulgari’s VIP clients were in attendance as well.

Day 1: Media and Festa Italiana presentation

Day 1 was focused on the media, kicking off with the La Festa Italiana presentation in the boardroom that we set up.

Day 2: fashion show and gala dinner

On the second day, Bulgari staff and selected media enjoyed a lively, quirky fashion show which opened with a roving brass band, followed by a gala dinner where the entertainment of the evening included a dance performance and roving illusionist.
An elegant showroom was set up to showcase the beautiful pieces of jewelry as well as to host interviews of Bulgari’s creative director and senior marketing director on the new collection. There was also a gemstones appreciation session for clients to enjoy.

Day 3: Festa fashion show and pool party with LED drummers

Almost 100 of Bulgari’s most important clients attended the Festa fashion show on day 3, followed by the gala dinner where special performances led to a night of dancing at the after-party. The entire affair ended on a high note with an exclusive pool party with live band performances while LED drummers lit up the night and moments of happiness were captured at the photo booth.
The true essence of the Italian way of life was commemorated perfectly during these 4-days in Bali, and celebrated for eternity through the stunning high jewelry collection.
Big up to the hardworking team of heroes that pulled off this Fabulous Festa!!!
Discover in our portfolio more pictures of the Bulgari Festa Collection Launch!

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