Evaluating The Success Of Your Event

The success of your event can be measured in multiple ways. From positive verbal feedback to detailed surveys, each method provides you with a comprehensive view of the achievements of the event. We find ourselves monitoring the scope of our projects in these different ways, based on the type of event and what they had hoped to achieve. We break down the various ways you can quantify the success of your event.


We love the sweet sweet sound of the cash register as it rings so when an event bases its success on its earnings, this becomes an error-free way to determine the success of an event with any monetary nature. Depending on the price of the product and the market, this can be a fairly good indicator of how well your event was received. Should the event take place annually, then monitoring the revenue year-on-year allows for a more accurate view of the success rate. 


If the revenue is not what you are focusing on, then determining the attendance is a wonderful form of measurement. Having a crowd at your event can also tie hand in hand with the amount of revenue and exposure that an event receives. The higher the figures, the higher the revenue, the higher the exposure. A win-win for all!


From social media to editorial coverage, this method of measurement allows you to focus solely on how much attention your brand has received over the course of the campaign or event. You also have to understand the behaviour of your target demographic when measuring the success of your event based on the amount of exposure given. This, however, does not take into account the actual engagement but simply the number of people who have covered the event. 

With this in mind, you can effectively gauge how well your ideas have performed, allowing for a more informed approach towards event planning for future projects.