Crafting Experiential Marketing Experiences

Experiential-Marketing--Get-Creative Chab Events

What exactly are experiential marketing events? Well, they are unconventional advertising strategies that we use to promote a brand. By holding these events, brands are able to connect with their target audience in fun and innovative ways. 

The excitement they generate amongst the public is undeniable and over the years, brands have been finding ways to outdo each other. These personalised experiences provide guests with unique memories for years to come. From travelling pop-ups that draw people into the stores to street festivals that centre around a beverage, the sky is the limit!

At Chab, we have a three-pronged approach to crafting these experiential marketing experiences for our clients. It isn’t difficult to master and can also be applied to other events that you may be planning.

Identify The Objective

The first step is to find out if our client would like to launch a product or increase brand awareness. Each option will require a different approach in terms of planning. For new product launches, our experiential marketing event can set the tone for the season. We would be starting from scratch to create an experience — a task that comes with its own set of challenges. 

When crafting events to increase brand awareness, we find inspiration from previous events to find out what has been done before and how creative can we get. Should you simply wish to increase brand awareness, then having interactive spaces with your branding may be the answer you are looking for. 

Get Creative

Once you have figured out the objective, it’s time to get creative. 

Would a Masterclass be the answer you are looking for? Or perhaps you simply need a bathtub filled with sweets or branded rubber ducks where guests can pose for photos? 

Stopping short of moving mountains, an experiential marketing event can never be too crazy as long as you stick to the budget.

Get Realistic

Now that you have an idea of what you’d like to do, it’s time to go through your budget with a fine-tooth comb and find out just how experiential you can get with your event. If you can dream it, you need to be able to build it. 

It is important for any brand to manage their expectations and ensure that they are not overspending or selling something that they cannot afford. Our role is to support your sales teams in building a viable and lucrative event experience. We would not be doing our clients any justice by proposing ideas that are unrealistic.