Choosing The Perfect Door Gift

Top 8 corporate door gifts for your next event

Event door gifts are more significant than most might think because it is a physical token that attendees will hold on to long after the event is over. That is why you want to pick an item that is both useful and easy to brand. Choosing the right door gift for your corporate events can also be challenging because you are not just shopping for one person but for every single guest present. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of some of the best door gifts that you can consider for your future corporate events.


Category: Tech

  1. Thumb Drive 


First and foremost, a thumb drive is a must-have for any working person; hence this gift, on the practical scale, would probably score 10 out of 10. Thumb drives are also incredibly easy to brand. Some even come in unique shapes so you can probably find one to fit the theme of your party or find suppliers that can completely personalise the shape of the gadget.

  1. Power Bank

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Being out with a phone that’s running low on battery can be rather frustrating. That is why, another useful, easy-to-brand gift to consider for your next event, be it corporate or not, would be the handy dandy power bank. Just make sure they are lightweight and of decent quality so that people are inclined to keep using them after the event itself.


Category: Travel

  1. Universal Adaptor


Now this is a great door gift because adaptors are essential when travelling overseas but is something that people always tend to forget. That is exactly why universal adapters make for really well thought out corporate gifts that guests can use on both business and leisure trips and would work especially well for travel-related events or businesses.

  1. Luggage Tags


Luggage tags are also great travel related gifts that can be easily personalised. They would make perfect door gifts at any travel themed event or events for travel related companies such as Skyscanner or Airbnb. Like thumb drives, luggage tags can also come in a wide variety of quirky designs, or be completely personalised for the event.


Category: Eco-Friendly

5. Notebook & Pen Set


CSR events promoting environmental consciousness are becoming more and more popular. What better way to encourage conscious living than through an eco-friendly door gift that guests can use during and after the event? Notebook and pen sets made of 100% recycled materials are easy to find and brand and are sure to be a hit, especially at conferences and seminars where people would need to take notes.

6. Foldable Tote Bag


Another great eco-friendly door gift that guests will find useful would be foldable tote bags made of recycled materials. They too can be branded easily and could be given out on their own or as gift bags filled with goodies. Not only do tote bags make great environmentally friendly corporate gifts, they are perfect for family day events and even festivals.


Category: Novelty

  1. Fan 

Dinner En Blanc 2017 SG Ryan Peters4T8A9548

Handheld fans are one of the more underrated door gifts on this list, especially in the hot and humid Singapore weather where outdoor events can sometimes be quite uncomfortable. In addition, fans are easily customisable with your company logo and colours and will definitely be a welcomed door gift for all your guests. Fans are appropriate for lots of different kinds of events from festivals to sporting events and even chic outdoor picnics like Le Diner en Blanc!

      8. Hard Candy 

corporate gift sweet

If novelty is your top priority then personalised hard candy adds a nice, sweet touch to end the evening. The candy can be customised with brand colours and symbols and can be presented in little glass jars for that cute finishing touch. 

Besides the items on this list, there are a lot of other awesome gift ideas you might want to explore for your next event. Always remember to incorporate creative, attractive, subtle but noticeable branding onto your door gifts. You want your guests to know where and whom the gift is from, but you do not want them to feel like a walking billboard.

At the same time, when it comes to the perfect corporate gift, functionality is key and extra points for door gifts that compliment the theme of the party.


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