Chab Monthly: An editorial expose on the staff of an events agency


We’ve always known that we’re a little off-kilter in the best sense of the word — all the best creatives usually are! 

Conformity has never been a part of our vocabulary and for good reason. It defines the approach we have to our work and how we stand out in the crowd. So when we feature our staff to the rest of the world, we prefer to show them in their natural element with a touch of vulnerability and a pinch of quirky just for the hell of it. 

In 2020, we decided to get a little personal with the team at Chab Events in the form of “Marketing Dates” where we sit down with individuals and get to know them personally. The goal of these sessions, not only allows us to learn about the team but also gives our clients a chance to see the team in a light that meetings and events would otherwise not allow. 

As members of this loveable yet dysfunctional and multi-ethnic family, they bring unique perspectives and habits to the table, making them assets to the organisation. The joy of having these mini-dates not only creates content for our site but also allows us to reflect on the journey that each member has had over the course of their time at Chab.

So keep your eyes peeled each month as we feature a new member of our staff on our website and send us any queries or questions you might have about what we do!