A Day In The Life Of Chab Events Singapore


A Day In The Life Of Chab Events

There is rarely a dull day in the Chab Events office and most of us prefer it that way — even if we lament otherwise. Each morning requires us to plan and map out just how we’d like to tackle new projects for the rest of the day and it forces us to practice self-discipline and organisation. 

Like our motto says “If Plan A Didn’t Work, The Alphabet Has 25 More Letters”. Life in an events agency is unique, interesting and not for everyone. 

#teamchab hanging out in Bhutan at their makeshift office with a view
#teamchab hanging out in Bhutan at their makeshift office with a view

We organise events, we coordinate conferences and we schedule calendars out down to a T. We are after all event planners. Yet unlike onsite at events, we are unable to foresee the bumps in the road for our day. On some days, 24 hours just aren’t enough for us to complete half the items in our to-do list.

To manage this, we plan out our days even if they may not go according to the schedule. We like to think that we have perfected the art of multitasking: Often we find ourselves jumping between brainstorming sessions to site inspections whilst simultaneously being plugged into our mobile phones, negotiating vendors and clients alike. You can even find yourself anything but desk-bound for weeks on end and it’s the adrenaline that keeps us going. 

To the world outside this may sound like the lack of a work-life balance but for the team, we would have it no other way. People rarely see others understand the perks of working in such an industry. Few can say that they have been able to work alongside Michelin star chefs, walk the red carpet with International celebrities and broken bread with CEOs of multinational corporations to celebrate a successful event. 

From hiding between the palm trees to gala dinners, it's all in a day for this team
From hiding between the palm trees to gala dinners, it’s all in a day for this team

Fewer still can say that they have spent weeks in a far-flung but scenic destination such as Bhutan working with a luxury client with a presence in every major city. Friends and family are often left in awe as we describe our days. It may sound like fun but in reality, the glitz and glamour require meticulous planning and communication. Like diamonds, these game-changing events are the result of intense pressure. 

As planners, we thrive on the adrenaline rush during our event and the satisfaction of a job well done. A simple thank you from our client is all it takes to make our day. To top it off we get to come back to the best team in town. An eclectic mix of French, Belgian, Swiss, Malaysians and Singaporeans, their upbeat attitude and quirky personalities make the usual workday anything but mundane.