Chab Events Guide To Choosing An Event Venue

Event planners have a mental checklist in mind when sourcing for the perfect venue. Each space caters to the specific needs of a client in various ways. At Chab Events, we have a checklist that helps guide us in selecting the best venues for our clients. 

Consisting of five key questions, they help our team of seasoned professionals to narrow down our venues before we begin the pitching process. Here is our checklist for choosing the right event venue.


Set your budget and be clear on how flexible you can be with your spending. Knowing these facts, your event planners can source from their trusted partners to find a space that will be able to host your guests for the duration of your event. 


To figure out if a venue is viable for a client, we find out the capacity constraints. For example, a venue such as The Clifford Pier offers a stunning view and luxurious furniture. However, it will only be able to hold a maximum of 300 guests. On the other hand, Marina Bay Sands is an ideal option for those looking to hold large scale events of over 1,000 guests — a key consideration for large corporate clients. 


Selecting a theme may sound like the easiest part of this list. We must admit that we usually have the most fun working out themes for our clients. Once a budget and number of guests have been decided, we get to work finding feasible themes that can keep guests entertained. 


We find that the smartest way to plan for an event is to decide on the type of decor you would like at the venue. This can also help determine the type of venue you select. For a blank canvas, and if your budget permits, you can let your imagination run wild and create any theme you’d like. For a themed venue, you will oftentimes find yourself restricted by the types of events you’d like to host there. 


Are you willing to travel a distance or have your guests do so for an event? If so, you may have to provide your guests with means of transportation. A far-out location could also mean that you can expect a smaller turn out due to accessibility or a lack thereof.


Simple yet effective, we hope this checklist helps you plan your next event with ease!