Video Production


Bulgari Festa Bali

4-day showcase in Bali for the launch of FESTA Our biggest event in Bali this year has been the…

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Decathlon Family Day

Chab Events welcomed the month of July in high spirits with Decathlon Family Day at Casuarina Grove, East Coast…

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Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are increasingly being used to improve overall event experiences around the world. Therefore,…

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Video: Le Diner en Blanc Singapore 03.06.2017

Enjoy this highlight reel from our biggest outdoor event of the year, Le Diner en Blanc! Can’t wait for…

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Video: Airbus Helicopters 40th Anniversary 19.04.2017

Enjoy video highlights from the 40th year anniversary celebration of Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia that took place back in…

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Best Uses of Drones in Event Management

How to use Drones in Event Management? Since the launch of Facebook Live , we have seen a boom…

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One of our core activity: video production of your event

Chab Events is also a video producer for your event. Our videos are produced with flair and imagination and we maintain the highest professional standards throughout the production process; the result is an outstanding video each and every time. Projects regarding video production take certain skills to perfect. A keen eye for detail and the ability to look at the bigger picture goes a long way when perfecting events that focus on the video production.

Create a video of your event for memories or advertising

Should it be for your social media page, global use or just internal use having a video showcasing what you need is the best way to make yourself known. Our team have great experience in handling both photo shoots for specific purposes and also videos for commercials and social media use. Capturing all the right angles and knowing how to make your product and your ideas look even better than you imagined is something we’ve learnt along the way.

An event agency knows how to enhance your event

We can now re-create these same effects and make them even better with our developed knowledge and understanding of the process. Previously, we have created motion design product presentations in which we really got to help the client exhibit the true benefits of their products and help create a larger appeal for their products and services. As a video production company working with various clients across various agencies, we have created many corporate, internal and social media videos with much branded content. The best part is we keep you involved through the end-to-end process.

How a video can highlight your event?

Video production helps to express your brand values and image; it also aids in differentiating your company through exclusive branding. We know what works, with the experience we have we understand the concepts that will appeal to your target market. Further to this, you can choose the style of video you want and how you would like it to be created.