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Choosing The Perfect Door Gift

Why do you need a door gift for your corporate events? Event door gifts are more significant than most…

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Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are increasingly being used to improve overall event experiences around the world. Therefore,…

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Best Uses of Drones in Event Management

How to use Drones in Event Management? Since the launch of Facebook Live , we have seen a boom…

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Tech Events in Singapore, Bali, Paris

Tech is ever-progressing and evolving. As a company that likes to keep up with the times we bring the latest craze and most impressive technological components to your events. Depending on the event and the theme, we like to bring in the virtual reality aspect and let you live in a surreal fantasy world for the duration of your event.

How to use technology to improve your event

Mastering the art of an unforgettable events, we have been known to customize the VR (virtual reality) experience to suit different events and beyond this, we have also included message walls in which the guests can interact with this digital wall creating graffiti art and shadowing movements.

Aside from using the new technology craze for interactive activities, we also use hi-tech sound and lighting equipment adjusted to suit the needs of your theme and brief.  As we try to stay focused on providing the highest quality visual aids we can, our team can create digital designs that cater towards the evolving times.

Chab Events, tech event organizer in Singapore

Chab Events team of professionals are always on the lookout for new and exclusive technologies that we can incorporate into future use for a tech event, what’s even better is that we can tailor the content of the different technologies we use to match the criteria you set out for us.

Technology has rapidly changed how both social and corporate events can be planned and delivered. It has also changed the look, how guests interact with the event and how the event is received. We have such broad apps and trends for pre-registration events, seating charts, wristbands and electronic RSVP’s. A great advance in technology is in the use of drones, they are used to take the photography from the highest and most widespread angles, they can even be used as waiter system. Alongside this, the use of robots as bartenders and entertainment is growing popular and becoming the new edge to the events world.