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Decathlon Family Day

Chab Events welcomed the month of July in high spirits with Decathlon Family Day at Casuarina Grove, East Coast…

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4-days graduation trip with 400 participants in Croatia The INSEAD class of 17J were in for a trip of…

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Be active and enjoy the fresh air. Although, not every event can feature a sporty element we have crafted events where sporty themes and activities have been incorporated.

Sports events in Singapore

From corporate sports events to wide scale events our team will help produce either a sporting event or sporting activities that will help create a fun and elevating experience. Using fun and sporty activities is a great and original way to showcase new products, getting participants to be involved in the event rather than just being spectators.

Beyond family days, we’ve also intertwined company retreats and sporty activities, an excellent way to enhance the team bonding aspect. Sports events and activities are becoming an increasingly popular choice, creating excitement and aiding in the cohesion of the community.

Family day : sports activities and fun for everyone

We have enjoyed creating the fun atmosphere for family days. We try to select activities that are enjoyable for everyone, examples include; Zumba, rugby, tug of war and even obstacle courses. The versatility of being able to coordinate an event like this is key, it maintains the fun aspect for all ages and also brings a different edge to your event.

Our aim is to involve everyone in sports activities, because the goal of a Family Day is to unite each person of your company and care of them equitably. Of course, sport is not the only service we provide during this kind of event : team building, buffet and music will be there to create an unforgettable day with everyone!

Chab Events, sports events organizer in Singapore

Chab Events is a team of individuals that take a great interest in new challenges, we understand the significance of incorporating fun and games experiences. From initial planning to making sure that we all meet at the finishing line, we are guaranteed to be with you every step of the way.

We can support you by devising, abstracting and managing sports events to create an environment that more participants will be drawn too. It is advantageous for both parties that our network of partners around Singapore and Asia have vast experience in the management of sports activities and competitions. We are able to help and tailor to the precise needs that we require regardless of the complexity of any activity.