Public Events


Enjoy European Cheese Street Activation

Promoting the European cheese This year, Chab Events organised a successful media event and activation to promote European cheese…

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Enjoy European Cheese Tasting Media Event

Promoting the European cheese This November, Chab Events organised a successful media event and activation to promote European cheese…

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Chab Events Turns 4!

A 4-year and 3-countries event planner Chab Events Singapore celebrated its 4th Anniversary this month with dear friends, family,…

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5 Best Dinner and Dance Themes

Choosing the perfect theme for a corporate dinner and dance can really make or break the success of your…

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Video: Le Diner en Blanc Singapore 03.06.2017

Enjoy this highlight reel from our biggest outdoor event of the year, Le Diner en Blanc! Can’t wait for…

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Only Vinyl – The Fashion Revolution by Kampong 22.04.2017

Discover the fifth Fashion Revolution by Kampong edition Most of you might know by now that Chab Events in…

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What are public events?

These types of events allow you to entertain various groups of individuals from different background during the course of one night or even in the space of 2-3 days. It is an event opened to public, as experiential marketing, street marketing, or media event to promote your product  or your services.

Benefits of public events

Public events allow the opportunity to make use of big spaces in a creative and distinctive manner. They tend to be typically larger, and need a deeper understanding of requirements and logistics to be successful, but you can trust that with the experienced staff at Chab Events you will get nothing less. Public events can be either small scale community events or large-scale gatherings. Public events can bring together over 1,000 people and create a bond between the participants and the event itself.

Use of public events

Public events are a great way to share a message and bring a unique edge to any idea. Interacting with individuals and building relationships is a key focus for Chab Events as proven within our public events. Creating bespoke public events is a fragile process but also a process that is becoming known as a path to increasing community cohesion. With our team creating, producing and assessing events across the industries, we provide turnkey answers, a mass of styles, venues, ideas and designs. Furthermore, our video production skills allow you to spread your success on social medias.

Why choosing us to create your public event in Singapore?

For example, we have been involved in events for Singapore National day open to the Singapore expats of Paris, inclusive of customized photo booths, food and activities all associated with Singapore. We also have been involved in public experiential marketing event in Singapore and Hong Kong. Our personal passion is the key component to producing successful public events. There are factors of these events that are beyond anyone’s control, like weather for example. However, with our experience and knowledge of such events we always prepare for the best and worst case scenario. In this industry and within our company, contingency plans are like second nature. As our motto suggests…

“If plan A didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters.”