Bulgari Festa Bali

4-day showcase in Bali for the launch of FESTA Our biggest event in Bali this year has been the…

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Chab Events Turns 4!

A 4-year and 3-countries event planner Chab Events Singapore celebrated its 4th Anniversary this month with dear friends, family,…

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5 Best Dinner and Dance Themes

Choosing the perfect theme for a corporate dinner and dance can really make or break the success of your…

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INSEAD Graduation Trip – 17J

4-days graduation trip with 400 participants in Croatia The INSEAD class of 17J were in for a trip of…

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Video: Le Diner en Blanc Singapore 03.06.2017

Enjoy this highlight reel from our biggest outdoor event of the year, Le Diner en Blanc! Can’t wait for…

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Video: Airbus Helicopters 40th Anniversary 19.04.2017

Enjoy video highlights from the 40th year anniversary celebration of Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia that took place back in…

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Le Diner en Blanc – Singapore 03.06.2017

Annual Diner en Blanc in Singapore Chab Event‘s milestone event of the year, Le Diner en Blanc Singapore 2017…

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Only Vinyl – The Fashion Revolution by Kampong 22.04.2017

Discover the fifth Fashion Revolution by Kampong edition Most of you might know by now that Chab Events in…

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Best Uses of Drones in Event Management

How to use Drones in Event Management? Since the launch of Facebook Live , we have seen a boom…

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Airbus Helicopters 40th Anniversary 19.04.2017

Last Wednesday, Airbus Helicopters celebrated their 40th year in Southeast Asia with a fabulous Anniversary celebration organized by Chab…

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Chab Events, party organiser in Singapore

Everyone loves a good party every now and then, to blow off some steam and just enjoy being stress free. This is exactly the feeling we love to create for our clients as we plan, execute and watch you enjoy the outcome of our partnership. We understand the uniqueness of each event and that is why our teams’ ability to tailor the events is strong. The Chab Events experience includes innovation and flexibility in the delivery.

Party organiser in outstanding locations in Singapore, Paris, Bali, Siem Reap, …

For each party you want to devise, we will create a new and improved bespoke proposal for your concept. As we like to think outside of the box and keep our ideas fresh, we take pride in choosing locations that you wouldn’t imagine could work. Previously, we have created party events on the rooftop of multi-storey car parks in which we brought all of the decorations and assembled the activities around the space to put together a spectacular event.

Casual, formal, intimate party … Choose what you prefer and let us organize it

These events can be casual or formal, they can be intimate or be the grandest regardless, the planning will be just as detailed. There are some details that must be coordinated in order to host a seamless party, you can trust us as your professional party organiser to devote our time and and attention into organizing an unforgettable experience. We love to bring in a funky and modern ambiance through our choice of performers, theme, lighting and sound. With a range of over 20,000 bespoke lighting arrangements we can cater for a simple party to the wildest party.

Personalize your party with a unique theme

We know most parties have a theme and every theme has associated attire which helps to accentuate the entire event. What better way to celebrate reaching a milestone or even just celebrating your growth as a company than to have a party event specifically tailored to you and your criteria. We attempt to provide solutions to all your party needs, with a strong team of planners and suppliers we believe in high standards and even higher quality of service. Aside from ensuring top of the range entertainment and decoration services it is also vital that we provide you with reliability and commitment to your project. Ultimately, whether you choose to keep it simple or desire a party with an extravagant theme we completely understand the necessary processes and are here to take the stress away from you.

We believe the best parties are those where people get together and don’t want to leave.