Bulgari Festa Bali

4-day showcase in Bali for the launch of FESTA Our biggest event in Bali this year has been the…

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INSEAD Graduation Trip – 17J

4-days graduation trip with 400 participants in Croatia The INSEAD class of 17J were in for a trip of…

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Best Uses of Drones in Event Management

How to use Drones in Event Management? Since the launch of Facebook Live , we have seen a boom…

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Incentive travel, company retreat, graduation trip…

Travel brings you a great sense of freedom, especially when you get to choose the place and everything that goes along with it. From graduation trips to company retreats to incentive travel, we have created some memorable events across the globe.

Planning each activity and each event down to a tee, with our on-site coordinators there to make sure everything goes off without a hitch! Some of our most recent events have included boat parties, private island parties and even nights of themed performances. Being able to choose exotic locations to fit the mood and being given the opportunity to create a magical itinerary that will be in your memory bank for a lifetime is something our team thrives off of.

Travel in Singapore, Paris, Bali, Croatia, Siem Reap… And all over the world

There’s something powerful about creating events in one country but being able to spread your creativity and ideas across various countries and cities brings a new energy into the world of events. Both, our Singapore and France Chab Events teams collaborated on a huge event in which they organized every aspect, from accommodation for 400 attendees, to transport as well as a fully mapped out schedule of events. Add a new spark to your event by incorporating destinations to entice participants to get on board and make your next event more successful than the last.

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