Airbus Helicopters 40th Anniversary 19.04.2017

Last Wednesday, Airbus Helicopters celebrated their 40th year in Southeast Asia with a fabulous Anniversary celebration organized by Chab Events . We pulled out all the stops for this VIP event and installed a LED runway that led guests from the foyer all the way into the main hangar where rows of exclusive Airbus aircrafts were on display.

Guests were welcomed with speeches by the head of Airbus Helicopters’ Southeast Asian Pacific region, Philippe Monteux, followed by Pierre Jaffre, President of Airbus Helicopters Asia Pacific. They were then treated to wonderfully jaunty performances by Tim’s Stocker Bari Rumbles Brass band as well as a spectacular display of water drums while enjoying dinner and drinks.



We added an extra splash of luxury with an exclusive cocktail lounge within the hangar where bespoke cocktails, specially crafted just for this event, were served up. The cocktails were in the colour of Airbus blue and contained hints of blueberry tea and lemongrass which gave it a nice asian twist. The mixologists went a step further and even used some liquid nitrogen to add a mystical element to the entire experience.


By the end of the night, guests were leaving with huge smiles on their faces having enjoyed a classy evening of great food, fascinating drinks and stellar entertainment to celebrate Airbus Helicopters’ 40 years of success in Southeast Asia.

Job very well done by the amazing Chab Events production team who worked hard all the way from the planning stages right up till after the last guest left satisfied. An awesome team always reaps awesome results!   

Watch video highlights from the event here!



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