10 Essential Items For Any Event Planner

Let’s set the scene: You’re onsite at the event venue and your phone is almost out of battery. You rummage through the production bags to find that elusive portable charger. Only to find that you have forgotten to pack several essentials to get you through the day.


We’ve been there. We’ve done that. We’ve learned valuable lessons from those moments. Thanks to these experiences, we’ve come up with an all-important list. Here is Chab Event’s Top 10 list of essential items for any event.


1) Gaffer Tape

It holds down wires, it keeps wooden boards from falling apart. If we could, we would use this to hold us together during times of crisis. Alas, there are some things that gaffer tape cannot salvage.

Gaffer tapes are the unsung heroes we need in an emergency and one can never have too many rolls of it for use.


2) Mobile Phone

During our events, we rely on our phones to ensure that our clients and partners are able to contact us. It sometimes feels like our phones are an extension of us and panic sets in when we are unable to locate it. 

It goes without saying then that a portable charger is an essential item to bring along with you. Oh, and a piece of advice from our managers, make sure it has a full charge!


3) Lighter

“You never know when you need to light a candle or two” was the reply when we gave them a quizzical look. Touché!

It serves a dual purpose as a conversation starter. You never know when someone close by is in need of a lighter. It breaks the ice and starts the conversation about why you have a lighter in the first place. 


4) Comfortable Shoes

Think you have a high threshold for pain? Try spending hours on your feet, in shoes that cause blisters. There is no miraculous treatment to stave away blisters (trust us, we’ve tried them all!).

Our nifty trick is to have a pair of comfortable shoes that we can slip on and off at a moment’s notice. Better still if you find a pair that can double up as formal shoes. When you find this elusive unicorn, make sure you never let it go! Or just buy three pairs while you’re at it…


5) Writing Materials

“Show up to an event and tell me you forgot to bring pens and markers. I dare you.” elaborated our General Manager with a tense smile. It felt more like a warning than a dare in our opinion so we decided to back away slowly.

Its primary purpose is to help label items and act as a writing instrument. However, when you have a black permanent marker on hand, it can also double as a cost-efficient cover-up tool. Holes or rips in the black stage skirting? Get a permanent marker and get colouring!


6) Change Of Clothes

When you’re speed walking through your venues ( “Event planners never run!” ), you are bound to need a fresh, clean outfit for the main event. While some may find it a hassle, an extra set of clothes means you are always polished and ready for a new introduction.


7) Toolkit

A rule-of-thumb is to ensure that you have the necessary supplies for any event. Staples in each bag include power strips and extension cables, masking tapes, zip tie cables, penknives, scissors and more. It ensures that the one is never caught off-guard when on-site.


8) First-aid Kit

Necessary in treating minor nicks, cuts and bruises during an event, this should be on the top of your list when packing for an event. Being careful and vigilant to your surroundings would certainly help.

Hope for the best but always be prepared for the worst. Armed with the necessary items to treat these injuries, will save you time.


9) Snacks

The job involves long hours. So we try to sneak a snack in where possible. Now when you’re needed to be on the ball and present, snacks become life-savers that ensure that you are not #hangry.


10) Walkie-Talkie

When stuck onsite at large event spaces, this helps preserve your phone battery. You can be assured of instant communication within the team and no one has to be glued to their screens.


In summary

It is not rocket science, yet few would have thought of how important each item can be when you are immersed in running a successful event.